This blog (IPAP for short) is a collaboration among several musicians and thinkers, featuring ten contributing authors.  Our aim is to celebrate innovation, creativity and holistic thinking, and to inspire and work towards improving how we think about performance and pedagogy for the next generation of musicians.

IPAP explores the following areas:

  • Innovative Ideas in Performance
  • Innovative Ideas in Pedagogy
  • Innovation/Creativity/Mindset
  • Performance Health (Body Mapping/Body Awareness)
  • Performance Anxiety/Performance Skills
  • Entrepreneurship and Career Development
  • Flute teaching/performing tips (several authors are flutists)
  • Weekly digests of inspired blog writings, articles and featured websites from around the globe

We welcome your insights and comments. And we’re happy to add your related site to our blogroll. A reciprocal link to our site would be appreciated.  Just send us your site TITLE and URL.

We welcome subscribers to this blog.  You will receive emails only when there are new posts.  To sign up, see the upper right side of the blog and send us your email address. Or, if you prefer you can choose to get the RSS feed.

Thank you for visiting and feel to stay in touch with us by leaving comments or by sending us an email below!

13 Responses to “About the Blog”

  1. What a fantastic resource! I am so glad you are doing this as I believe the need is great. Thank you!

    Dana Fonteneau, MFT
    (MFC #49425)
    Creator of the Psychology of Performance

    • Laura Lentz Says:

      HI Dana,
      Your comment ended up in our spam box for some reason, but just wanted to thank you for your comment!
      We’ve added your fantastic website to our blogroll.
      thanks again!
      Laura Lentz

  2. fluteangel Says:

    I would love to add you to my blog roll, would you add me to yours?

    Thanks, and I really love what you guys are doing here.

    • fluteangel Says:

      Sorry, I gave you the address, but no title. Afraid my blog doesn’t have a great title yet, just Angela McCuiston’s Blog.

  3. Laura Lentz Says:

    HI Angela,
    Thanks, yes we’ll add you and thanks for adding us well.
    Thanks also for supporting us as we’re getting off the ground!
    all best,
    IPAP Moderator

  4. Wonderful site! Thanks for letting readers know of my book “Fires in the Mind” for which I interviewed hundreds of young people about their motivation and mastery! (Our central question: What does it take to get really good at something?) It’s fascinating to hear them figure out that school is not doing very well at “deliberate practice” and to see how much of that type of learning is taking place for youth outside of school. Would love to have my site listed on your blogroll–thanks again for noticing our work!

  5. Laura Lentz Says:

    Kathleen, thanks so much for your comments and for YOUR wonderful site which we’ll of course add to our blogroll. Thanks so much for your important work!
    all best, Laura

  6. I am sort of new to this blog. I am enjoying it very much. But, I have a suggestion:

    For my ScienceSprings blog ( , I cover the LHC at CERN. You know, the Big Bang Machine. There is a blog there, Quantum Diaries, , which is also a collective. One of the great features of this collective is short biographies of each blogger with a photo. I clicked on a couple of the members of IPAP. What I see is a list of posts. You can check out Quantum Diaries to see what I mean. I would love to see that here.

  7. Laura Lentz Says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks so much for this feedback.
    If you hover over the photos of each of the authors you can click on “view complete profile” which has some info about each IPAP blogger, some have more info than other authors. I do think we can certainly improve this though, and I liked how Quantum Diaries is organized. If I can figure out how to do something like that here on WordPress I think it would definitely look better organized and give readers more info about each of us too.
    thanks, I’ll look into it and see what the other authors think too.

  8. Laura-

    Thnaks for your reply. i did not realize that the hover thing would give me something. But the utility at Quantum Diaries really does take the cake.

  9. Laura Lentz Says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the new layout?

  10. Laura-

    Very clean, very neat.

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