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September 25, 2013

Although things have been quiet around here recently, there are some exciting features that will be coming in the next few weeks, including an interview with a very special guest who will of great interest to most of you.

In the meantime, have some fun with this fantastic web page called “Boil The Frog”. It creates a playlist that will connect (almost) any two artists. For example, I’ve had great luck connecting Guillaume de Machaut to Katy Perry, and John Williams to the Pet Shop Boys. You can find it here:


Sibelius Update –

November 9, 2012

Continuing our coverage of the situation with Sibelius notation software, it has been reported by our friends at Arts Journal that Steinberg Software (the makers of Cubase among other things) has hired the former development staff of Sibelius presumably with the intention of launching a new notation program to replace Sibelius.  Although Sibelius has been rumored to be on the chopping block as a software platform, Avid, the owners of Sibelius, have said nothing to that effect.  An anonymous source within Avid  assures me that the software is alive and well and will continue to be developed and supported by Avid.
Steinberg’s statement can be found here.

Also reported by arts journal: the Minnesota orchestra has cancelled the remainder of this calendar year’s concerts.

Here’s a heads up: next week, we’ll be publishing an exclusive interview with Doug Perkins, a founding member of  So Percussion and one of America’s foremost performers of New Music. Doug’s new album Simple Songs – a fantastic listen – is available for purchase at the following sites:

At the New Focus Recordings Web Site: http://www.newfocusrecordings.com/catalogue/doug-perkins-simple-songs

On Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/simple-songs/id567843255?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D1

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Simple-Songs/dp/B009LUBJ14/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1349717235&sr=8-2&keywords=doug+perkins+simple

As a teaser, here’s Doug discussing Michael Gordon’s XY, the final piece on Simple Songs.

Having just moved to a new area, I now have a studio of about 24 students and growing – come from an area where getting students was like pulling teeth, being inundated with this many students is not only wonderful but can also be a little overwhelming with trying to keep track of all the finances.   To any other music teacher who understands the frustration and confusion of having a large studio (or heck, of having a studio period) keeping track of student’s information, their payment status, who owes what when, who’s working on what, what school is out for fall or spring break at what time, etc. can be exhausting work.

I have found a lifesaving solution. Seriously,it’s taken the hassle out of running a studio and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a look over.  It even comes with a 30 day Free trial!  After one week I was sold, you just might be, too.
The site is called Music Teacher’s Helper.com

The site seriously does it all…

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Image via CrunchBase

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Those of you who follow this blog regularly are likely familiar with IPAP favorite Claire Chase, the ever-increasingly legendary flutist and founder of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). We couldn’t be more pleased about this. As you know, things usually first happen here on IPAP so, at the bottom of the article, underneath the photo, there are additional links to our past features on Claire, including an extensive interview conducted last year by Laura Lentz. Congratulations again to this amazing musician and person!

A brief bio from WQXR

Write-up and interview with the Chicago Tribune

Selections from Claire’s most recent album Terrestre (from the great New Focus label) can be streamed at her web site

The album is reviewed here




Weekly Digest–July 25, 2012







There’s a new certificate program through The University of Maryland,  Baltimore County (UMBC), the Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship.  This elite, one year post-baccalaureate program features a collaboration with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop, Music Director and OrchKids, the largest El Sistema-inspired program in the US. Only within the UMBC Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship can students experience firsthand the inner workings of a major U.S. orchestra, the BSO, and the premier and most sought after El Sistema-inspired music program in the U.S., OrchKids.

 This new Certificate program begins in late August, 2012 and will include courses / internships of 15 graduate credits.  The application deadline is August 10.
See http://www.umbc.edu/music/ programs/entrepreneurship.php

and http://www.umbc.edu/blogs/umbcnews/2012/07/umbc_announces_nations_first_p_1.html

for further information and application procedure. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Digest – Aussie-style!


This week’s digest comes to you from Cairns, Australia, where I’m enjoying a vacation with my extended family. Between the walkabouts, and all the prawns on the barbie, I’m taking a moment to draw your attention to this exciting continent by featuring Australian music and Australian news sources this week.

Highest individual accolade for an outstanding contribution to the music of Australia: Jon Rose

An interesting history of the folk music of Australia: Convict Folk Songs

Jazz scene: a live music renaissance in Sydney

Music and the Media: Government regulation in Australia and abroad

An Overview: Australian Music

Sydney’s Opera House: Easily one of the world’s most recognized music halls, here’s all you need to know!

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