Weekly Digest: Private Music Teachers, Lessons from Einstein, Pauline Oliveros, Is Silence Going Extinct?

March 21, 2012

Is Silence Going Extinct?

Excellent resource for private music teachers and making a living

Where does all your private lesson tuition go?

Marketing private lessons 101

Creative Time Management for all of us

Check out the Online Resource Center at Carnegie Hall

From Community Musicworks, a new publication “Music and Civil Society:  A Symphony in the Making”

Why that song gets stuck in your head

Cellist Zoe Keating, doing it all

10 Lessons from Einstein

How to be Creative–The image of the ‘creative type’ is a myth. Jonah Lehrer on why anyone can innovate

Taking Stock Before Taking the Stage (ego vs. task driven performances)


What Should You Think About Before You Perform?

Peaceful parenting (some useful tips for teaching)

Two Opportunities to Study “Deep Listening” with Pauline Oliveros:

June 8-10, 2012

Deep Listening Intensive and Concert
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

August 13-17, 2012
Deep Listening Intensive
Ratna Ling Retreat Center
Sonoma County, CA
Click image for registration and information

Intensive at Ratna Ling

2 Responses to “Weekly Digest: Private Music Teachers, Lessons from Einstein, Pauline Oliveros, Is Silence Going Extinct?”

  1. Omega is a great organization and studied at the recording arts school that I attend. Each year thousands of people attend workshops and educational programs. These programs delivered by hundreds of educators, teachers, artists, healers, and thinkers on the leading edge of their disciplines. A few professors from my University are participants. Thanks for sharing this outstanding cause.

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