Weekly Digest: Think You Can, Elitist Classical Music, Talk Less & Matter More

November 9, 2011

Think You Can, or Making a Living as a Musician, from the NEC’s Entrepreneurial Musician Blog

When it comes to careers, musicians learn to improvise

Alexis Del Palazzo on Participatory Audiences

Is Classical Music too elitist or not enough?

Astrid Baumgardner’s latest, Finding Passion in Your Life’s Work: Do What You Love

Just live Your Own Damn Life, from the Sun Magazine

Michael Morgan of the Oakland East Bay Symphony pushing programming in new directions

Musical America’s musicians of the year

The success of the LA Philharmonic

The orchestra’s guide to looking cool

Photos from Mahler Remixed from the New England Conservatory , a creative performance featuring creative arrangements

From the blog String Visions, Breaking Boundaries with Aaron Dworkin

Coaching Advice from the author of the Talent Code:  Talk less, Matter more

Some Alexander Technique observations

Check out Yoga Nidra, thanks to John Ranck who shared this on the FLUTE list

Video of the Week:

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull with orchestra, thanks Flutronix for passing this on!


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