Jennifer BorkowskiJennifer has a Ph.D. in instrumental and vocal pedagogy. She primarily researches physical demands on performers while performing newly composed works with extended techniques.

Kira Campo:  Kira has more than ten years of professional experience in Arts Management. She earned a BA in Social Science from the University of Pennsylvania. She believes in the transformational power of hands-on participation in the arts.

Sarah Elise Greenwald:   Sarah is a violinist and music educator currently living in Pittsburgh, Pa. She recently moved from Augusta, Ga where she was on the Richmond County Orchestra faculty. These days, you can find her lending her voice in the alto section of the St. Paul Cathedral Choir and playing the violin with the Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra.

Jonathan Kuuskoski:  Jonathan is the Coordinator of Outreach and Community Programs at the University of Missouri, where he helps develop and lead various projects.  He is also a pianist, pedagogue, writer and arts entrepreneur.  He is the co-founder and co-director of New Music Everywhere (NEW MUSE), Wisconsin’s only professional contemporary ensemble specializing in location-specific performances, while also serving on the board of Arts Enterprise to mentor and facilitate student-led arts ventures across the country.

Laura Lentz:  Laura is a Rochester-based (NY) flutist and teacher and the moderator/creator of Innovative Ideas in Performance and Pedagogy.

Angela McCuiston:  Angela is a flutist, teacher, and a NASM-CPT personal trainercurrently under the professional title of “Musical Health Coach.”  Through her business, Music Strong, Angela’s goal is to help musicians (and everyday people) live their healthiest, most mobile, pain-free lives by merging her careers of music and fitness.

Vanessa Breault Mulvey:  Vanessa is a Boston-based flutist and Body Mapping specialist with a passion for music-making that permeates her playing and teaching.  Utilizing a whole-body approach to music-making, she empowers players of all instruments to achieve their full potential.

Alexis Del Palazzo:  Alexis is an active performer and private flute studio teacher in the central PA region.  She approaches the flute sensibly and holistically, and maintains the blog The Sensible Flutist.

Adam Shames:  Adam is the founder of the Kreativity Network ( and Adam Shames Consulting, and has taught, facilitated and studied creativity for the past 20 years. Now based in Chicago (after years in San Francisco), he is an innovation consultant, facilitator and speaker specializing in leadership retreats, learning seminars and team-building events that help organizations build cultures of innovation and collaboration.

Alan Tormey:  Alan is a composer whose work focuses on microtonality, multimedia, and the application of gestural interface technologies towards the live performance of electronic music.  He is based in Pittsburgh and is the Associate Creative Director for the Eclectic Laboratory Chamber Orchestra.


2 Responses to “About the Authors”

  1. Thanks for listing my horn blog, Horn Insights. You might be interested in a new blog that I have recently started up (with a collaborator) – for all musicians: Improv Insights, a blog devoted to the performance and teaching of contemporary classical improvisation:

    Thank you.

  2. Laura Lentz Says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    Thanks for the comment and for letting us know about your new blog. We’ll definitely include it in the blog roll and I’ll give a mention in the next edition of our Weekly Digest.
    All best,
    Laura Lentz for IPAP

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