Weekly Digest – Olympic Edition

August 1, 2012

First off, I thought you might enjoy hearing the original (and in my mind far superior) recording of John Williams’ version of the Olympic Theme, which was recorded for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  The well-known Olympic music is properly called “Bugler’s Dream” and was composed in 1958 by Leo Arnaud, who’s teacher, Ravel, you may have come across sometime in the past.

For this week’s main work, I thought we would take a look at sounds and instruments that might not be with us for too much longer, starting with this nice overview of “endangered sounds” from the Atlantic magazine:

The Mechanics and Meaning of That Dial-Up Sound

BTW, Here is the website that’s referred to in the article:

The Museum of Endangered Sounds (fwiw, I actually still use the Nokia phone they have pictured there)

Two articles from the NY times, so, for non-subscribers, they’ll count against your monthly quota.  You have to love their use of the term “new.”

Electronic Woe – discusses a problem that actually comes up not infrequently in my music making  — the short life span of many (most?) electronic instruments.

Where Pianos Go to Die  – Don’t burn pianos at home


Finally, I was going to hold off on linking to this, but I’ve seen this article being discussed elsewhere over the past few days, so I’ll put it up in that hopes that we can start getting some action on our comment boards.  We have web traffic stats that prove you readers are out there in good numbers, but you never stop and say hi. LOUDER AND DUMBERER

p.s. For those of you who don’t recognize him, the subject of the very exciting photograph that graces our header is none other than Sam, the Olympic Eagle. Sam is the mascot of the 1984 games where John Williams’ arrangement first appeared.

p.p.s. Did you know that Michael Torke wrote a piece for the 1996 games in Atlanta?


One Response to “Weekly Digest – Olympic Edition”

  1. This mass piano grave is my hometown. Also, at MIT every year, they throw a piano off of a roof.


    They have said that they get more than enough donations that they don’t need to worry about where to get one. It seems to me that there are more and more adults who comment on wishing that they had stuck with lessons when they were younger. What about sticking with pianos?

    On a side note, did you know that stepping into a mere commenter’s role doesn’t allow you to embed links?

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