Weekly Digest

June 6, 2012

Weekly Digest for June 6, 2012

Hello IPAPers and welcome back to our newly revitalized weekly digest series.  Beginning this week, weekly digest duties will rotate between the various authors here at the blog.

File Under File Sharing
I’d like to start out with a lengthy, incredibly interesting piece by David Lowery based on an address he recently gave to the SF Music Tech Conference.  Ostensibly, the article addresses issues of artist compensation in the era of digital distribution, but it’s really so much more.

Meet the New Boss, Worse Than the Old Boss


Concerto for Ipad and Orchestra

Phile Under Philly
After so much BAD news, it’s nice to finally hear something optimistic about the Philadelphia Orchestra. Not only should they be out of bankruptcy by the end of the summer, but they are also embarking on a tour of China.

News about the bankruptcy

News about the tour

Thoughts on the bankruptcy from our friends at the San Francisco Classical Voice

Flute Fun with Fluterscooter
Reminiscent of an instrumental Janice Whaley

Laurie Anderson is 65

Laurie Anderson is 65

Have Cello Will Travel
The Billfold.com features an interview with a young cellist that explores the financial and artistic situation of being a young instrumentalist in New York City.

The Hustle of a Cellist in New York

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