Feel the air! Integrating Inclusive Awareness in Music-Making

May 10, 2012

Inclusive Awareness brings you into the moment of music-making.  You experience the many movements of playing; from air to fingers, along with the sights, sounds, kinesthetic and tactile sensations.  You are actively engaged in the the creation of sound, and can  fluidly respond to the needs of the music, fellow musicians and audience.

This exploration will help you begin to integrate inclusive awareness into your playing.

Exploration 1: Feel Air Movement

  • Allow your visual field to be broad, feel the touch of your clothing on your skin, hear the sounds around you, see all of the colors and textures in the room.
  • Notice the movement of air in and out of your body.
    • Feel it pass through the mouth or nasal passages.
    • Feel movement in the chest where the ribs are located.
    • Feel the movement that occurs below the ribs.
  • Continue to notice the movement of air with your instrument into playing position.
  • Sustain a single note and tune into the movement of air out of your body.   You may notice it passing through the mouth or over the interior of the embouchure.
  • Notice the movement of air as you inhale.
  • Repeat playing a short phrase

Is there a difference in how you play when air movement is the focus of your awareness?  Is there an increase in ease?  Are you using just the right amount of air?  or was it too little or too much?  Next play a phrase as you notice air movement.

Enjoy!  As always, I welcome your thoughts & comments!

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