Weekly Digest: Learning by Ear, Spouting and Scouting, Write Your Obituary

February 15, 2012

Fabulous flute warmups from Jen Cluff, free downloads!

9 essential skills kids should learn

Highlights from this week’s ArtsJournal:

The latest from Astrid Baumgardner, Why You Need to Plan and and Why The Result Isn’t Important!

And the latest  from the Savvy Musician, the mistake that topples careers and industries

Seth Godin being clever on Spouting and Scouting (talking about what we care about and looking at what others are talking about)

From Angela Beeching’s Monday Bytes:  check out author Brad Meltzer and this inspirational 16 minute video and consider writing your own obituary

Want to be more creative? Be nice to yourself

So you think you know?  More on Alexander Technique at Cello Bello

Some upcoming professional development opportunities:

Quote of the week, from Improv Insights:

Removing the musician’s eyes from the process of making music can produce truly astonishing results. You can use a blindfold, turn off the lights, play by candlelight, or ask everyone to close their eyes. Whichever method you use, you will hear a dramatic increase in the group’s musicianship almost immediately. Members of the ensemble will listen more carefully and be more aware of how they use their bodies to produce sound.

Learning by ear, rather than by eye, utilizes the brain in a completely different manner: one that is more consistent with the mental hierarchy we need to be truly great musicians.

–Julie Lyonn Lieberman, The Creative Band & Orchestra

And, speaking of learning by ear…Read about an innovative project with Grade 7 beginning band students at Southridge School in British Columbia (Canada).  They worked collaboratively in groups, learned songs by ear and arranged them for performances, based on Musical Futures out of the UK.

Students at Southridge School in British Columbia

Images from




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