Take a Stand Symposium 2012, Los Angeles, the arrival!

January 30, 2012

Greetings from LA!

Monday through Wednesday of this week I am on assignment in LA at the 2012 Take a Stand symposium on El Sistema. I’m thrilled to be here as a YOLA Fellow, one of 25 music educators across the US chosen for a fellowship to be able to attend. I will be sharing reflections, experiences, etc over the next three days.

Travels went ok except for a slight fear in Chicago when they couldn’t open the luggage compartment under the plane (seriously!) and my connecting flight to LA was dangerously getting close to leaving. Reward on the plane was getting free red wine and sitting next to three Australians with lovely accents!

I’ve just arrived in Los Angeles, buzzing and alive.  The first thing I see upon leaving the airport are these gigantic other-worldly neon lit columns with palm trees dancing almost with them. The city is alive even at 10pm, a good sign. There is a sense of life in the center, another good sign..and the warm breeze is giving quite the welcome, reminding me of my old home of Rome.

Tomorrow morning at 10am the YOLA Ambassadors meet with the amazing Eric Booth. On the flight from Chicago I read his essay on Sistema’s Open Secrets which I think is the best summary I’ve read so far about El Sistema. His description of the nuturing, spiritual side of Sistema and the passion, dedication and love that he saw while in Venezuela is so inspiring. I can’t wait to meet him. Then another highlight tomorrow will be to hear the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra which is as good as it gets……


Downtown LA, Map

Museum of Contemporary Art, LA


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