Weekly Digest for the Holidays: Play Before Work, Musicians as Energy Grids, Igniting the Imagination with Music

December 13, 2011

Orchestras that are embracing the new and more on twitter seats and their popularity

And read up on the Scrapheap Orchestra, making instruments out of trash

Greg Sandow on BORING Orchestra Photos

Alex Ross on Copland and the Republicans

Tips for Collaborative Criticism, the latest from the Musician’s Way blog

Play Before Work May Be Key To Greatness

And ever think of yourself as an expressive Energy Grid?

Astrid Baumgardner on the five tips on positivity and developing the mindset of a music entrepreneur

Get Out, the latest from the Entrepreneurial Musicianship blog

This is cool: The App for Music in Central Park

Music and Boxing?? Eastman students are doing it

Video of the week–

One of the most eagerly awaited TEDxSydney 2011 speaker videos is this one by music educator Richard Gill, in which he argues the case for igniting the imagination through music and for making our own music. Thanks to http://wiscmusiccareer.wordpress.com for passing this on.

Quote of the week–

“[Meredith Monk]‘s mission statement had said something about how the ethnic cultures have it covered. They don’t separate music, dance, drama, theater–It’s all one. And that appeals to me so strongly, the idea of ‘How can you write a piece without considering the visual element of it, or the dramatic element of it?’–Not that it has to tell a story or have a plot or make sense, but we react to that as humans in the audience.”–cellist/composer/singer/dancer/flutist Malina Rauschenfels

Cartoon of the week–

The Weekly Digest will return the week of January 9. 

Happy Holidays!

4 Responses to “Weekly Digest for the Holidays: Play Before Work, Musicians as Energy Grids, Igniting the Imagination with Music”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    THANK YOU!! Your blog is amazing and I love it!

  2. Hey Laura! Both Malina and I thank you for posting her quote! She had a copy of Meredith’s actual statement but couldn’t find it during our interview, so she just gave me her take on it.

  3. Laura Lentz Says:

    Thanks Chris. I adore Meredith Monk, and seeing this post made me realize I’d like to include more about her on the blog and in the future. Thanks for your great post!

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