Weekly Digest: Listen to This, Talent Matters, Orchestras Shaking Things Up

November 30, 2011

Want a career in music? Savvy is needed to make a living

And talent does matter

Write a bio that helps you stand-out:  here’s 10 Bio Top Tips from Astrid Baumgardner

Check out these audition myths

Realize your creative goals!

Read about the Fairport Project, another music education project making a difference

Get some innovative, inspiring ideas from these groundbreaking small orchestras

And look at a new model for orchestras:  Re-Imagining Orchestras from the Savvy Musician

See what’s hot in Holland: Dutch Orchestra hits No. 1 with Anti-Cuts Protest Song

Check out how sessions at Lincoln Center with Rob Kapilow are making classical music more accessible

And, Happy Birthday Minimalism! You’re 50

Podcast of the Week

Alex Ross on Listen to This, on Amazon

Listen To This

Video of the Week

Where Good Ideas Come From (Thanks to Keith Hampton at UW-Madison)


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