Listen To This – A Special Announcement from IPAP

November 21, 2011

Hello Everybody,

It is with great pleasure that I’m announcing a special upcoming project that will be taking place here on the IPAP blog.  Beginning Thursday, December 1st, we will be featuring a number of articles and postings centered around “Listen To This” the recent essay collection by Alex Ross, which is now newly available in paperback.  For most days over an approximately two week period the majority of our authors will be posting reaction pieces to various chapters and/or overarching issues from the book, starting at the top with our authors’ many and varied reactions to Mr. Ross’s expansive first chapter “Listen To This: Crossing the Border from Classical to Pop.”

The book can be found at Amazon here:

or here for the Kindle edition:

You may also find the book at your local public library and/or independent bookseller.


One Response to “Listen To This – A Special Announcement from IPAP”

  1. Great – I’m listening to it on audiobook at the moment and am enjoying it very much. I look forward to the discussion.

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