Weekly Digest: Performers Who Compose, Study Abroad, Ninja Networking

November 2, 2011

Teach Occupy Wall Street is for educators to share ideas, lesson plans, resources, website, youtubes, classroom practice etc. to teach about the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is important for teachers to model civic courage to their students. One way to do that is to engage students in deep thinking about what is going on in the world around them.

Kids just don’t have enough learning time; read about the National Call for More Learning Time in the Schools

Forget notes. Rhythm should be the focus for building sight-reading skills

Performers, ever consider composing?

Body mapping and musician’s wellness articles and resources from Lea Pearson

Check out the Music Business Journal of the Berklee College of Music

Study Abroad via the Frank Huntington Beebe Fund For Musicians! Fellowships are awarded to musicians at the outset of their professional lives, for whom this would be a first extended period of study abroad

Like traditional music? Head to Boxwood in Nova Scotia with Chris Norman next summer

Artists in Minneapolis:  Springboard’s free Health Screening and Vaccination Day for Artists is on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at the N.I.P. Community Clinic

How to grow professional networks: Ninja networking

Edna offers advice about presenting and getting in front of audiences

Music for the Zombie Apocalypse?  What Naxos is doing to sell classical music

Louisville Orchestra begins seeking replacements and here’s an urgent message from the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association

Utica Symphony is out of money

Charles Hamm, Musicologist/Author on American Popular Music, Dies at 86

El Sistema Colorado is preparing for its launch in January and begins a search for artist faculty–

Beginning String Specialist:

Teaching Artists:

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