Weekly Digest: Playing perfectly, who’s your audience, follow your heart

October 13, 2011

from think positive 30

Tips from Jen Cluff for playing it perfectly in the practice room, and at your lesson here

Check out the five facets of performance preparation from the Musician’s Way here

And the three ways to unlock quality time here

Protect your hearing here

Read acclaimed cellist Joshua Roman‘s thoughts about a career in music

And how music education helps students learn, achieve and succeed, free pdf download here

See what Nashville is doing with its ambitious music-ed program

And read how music training enhances children’s verbal intelligence

Ask yourself, are standardized tests in the internet age the right answer?

And see how teaching artists are the future of arts education

Join the discussion on Greg Sandow’s “Who’s Your Audience?” and on Paul Judy’s reflective post on rethinking orchestras

Learn how to sell new music from the Savvy Musician

Check out the music museums of the 21st century

Then be inspired by TAKE A STAND, based on the El Sistema model, it seeks to unite music programs throughout the U.S., providing leaders with tools for growth through a series of conferences and workshops, and creating a pipeline of music teachers to be trained via the launch of a new Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Music degree program.  For more info click here

Arts teachers apply for the Surdna Foundation Arts Teachers Fellowship Program (SATF)Deadline: November 14, 2011.  Inviting arts teachers from public arts high schools to apply for funding for artistic development through its Arts Teachers Fellowship Program (SATF). Eligible schools include specialized public arts high schools, as well as arts-focused, magnet and charter high schools. The program offers teachers the opportunity to immerse themselves in their own creative work, interact with other professional artists, and stay current with new practices. For more info click here

Check out the new Fellowship for Leaders in Arts and Culture program. Deadline is October 26, 2011

Sing “A Song United for a Global Spring

And follow your heart….thank you Steve Jobs

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