Weekly Digest: We’re all weird, never stop learning, doodle!

September 21, 2011

Start planning for next summer, attend the Chapel Hill Chamber Music Workshop, a performing workshop for adults

Have a great idea for the flute convention for next year?  The deadline is October 1, 2011. Members can submit the online application here.

Heading into the studio?  Here are some tips from Musician’s Way

Read the 20 vocabulary words every “wanna’ be” entrepreneur should know

Listen to Renee Fleming talk about legato singing with Antonio Pappano

Check out bioneers, they are social and scientific innovators from all walks of life and disciplines

and then power your productivity, and remember you never stop learning

Be a part of participatory art and just admit it, we’re all weird

Go ahead, doodle!

And read some rules for the practice room and get some great tips on practicing

And ask yourself:  What if the focus of our performance could be on creating magical moments?

Peruse some free jazz resources from Jamey Abersold (free as in no cost…)

Some tips on time management and building a portfolio, part 3 and overcoming your fears

Some reflections on a horn player with tendonitis

Read the latest on declining SAT scores and what it means

And look at a school that works to bring out the best in its students


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