The Return of the Weekly Digest: Partnering with non-profits, musical inspiration, creativity

September 14, 2011

Learn how to Partner with non-profits, from the musicians way

and Use social media to your benefit in finding employment

Find your musical vision here with Astrid Baumgardner

Check out  7 steps for forging a unique musical identity

and read about 21 income models from David Cutler

Discover the Community Arts Network, a wealth of examples, research, and wisdom about community arts work

and then browse the Carnegie Hall’s Online Resource Center and the Center for Music National Service’s new website

Renew yourself with musical inspiration here

and support Syracuse’s new El Sistema-inspired program here

Check out some El Sistema Jobs:

Allentown Symphony’s newly formed El Sistema Lehigh Valley program announces two job opportunities:

Waterbury Symphony Orchestra continues the search for a Program Director to lead the El Sistema-inspired “Bravo Waterbury” program:

and read about how a Venezuela prison orchestra is giving hope to inmates

Did you know that keeping the beat helps kids become better readers?

Get your students improvising with the Improvisation Calendar by Wil Offermans

And renew yourself with Sir Ken Robinson’s take on creativity in the schools

And Jeffrey Agrell’s take on myelin, smart homework, interleaving, and the horn

And Lisa Canning’s take on imagination, creativity, productivity

And Elizabeth Gilbert on nuturing creativity

Unfortunately, creativity is not as well received as we think

But here are some tips for lifelong creativity

A reminder of upcoming flute competitions

And to finish, the revenge of the bassoonists!

The IPAP Weekly Digest is back in action now after a busy summer as well as a last-minute move to Rochester, NY which we are so happy to call our new home.  See you next week!


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