Real Flutists Interviews featuring Claire Chase and Eric Lamb of ICE, by Flutronix

June 16, 2011

Part One:

Part Two:

Bonus Footage:

5 Responses to “Real Flutists Interviews featuring Claire Chase and Eric Lamb of ICE, by Flutronix”

  1. ICE put up some videos, three concerts, via WQXR’s Q2 web stream. They are simply excellent. I am sure readers can find them.

  2. Laura Lentz Says:

    Hi Richard,
    would you have any direct links I can share with readers?

  3. O.K., looking, here’s one,

    yep, here’s another

    There was a third, also Mario Diaz de Leon, rthe video seems to have been separated from the page.

    The place to search at Q2 is, and the list of items is huge. They are being really great with archives. But, you know, videos are not common. I think this was all Claire Chase. I made my interest manifest, after watching each, I went to ICE and “bought a ticket” for $10. I am running a one man crusade for more long form videocasting of serious music, New Music, etc. WBGO has been doing it forever with videocasts and two huge archives of concerts at the Village Vanguard. There is no reason Ls Poisson Rouge ( two of ICE’s videocasts were shot there) can not be a similar venue. It is the old Village Gate.

    Enjoy. And, hey, buy a ticket.

  4. Laura Lentz Says:

    Thanks for the links!

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