Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: Flow, Effective Practice, Musicians’ Brains, Gil-Scott Heron

June 3, 2011

Enjoy the power of flow

Be aware, focus, and concentrate and be centered while you perform

Discover why our brain is better

No art? No social change. No innovation economy.

Looking to be involved with El Sistema?  Here’s some advice from Jonathan Govias, Abreu fellow

Get inspired by Stanford Thompson, the drive behind the non-stop success of Tune Up Philly (El Sistema inspired program in Philadelphia)

Go to Philadelphia this weekend for the Morton Feldman Festival

Follow an interview with composer Ellen Taafe Zwillich, the first woman to receive a DMA in composition from Julliard & the first woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Music

Why not turn to people who are experts in the field…who have already accomplished exactly what you want to do? Advice from Jack Canfield of Success Principles

How do you define success?  It may help you enjoy the long wait of an artistic career

Read about the business of teaching art

Need help memorizing?  Here’s a 7 step program for getting off the ink

Check out the June/July edition of the Musician’s Way newsletter

Solve problems with some advice from the Onion (and smile) and then make it through the dip

Then ask yourself:  are you indispensable?

How many hours a day should you practice?

Here’s some tips for healthy practicing from the new String Visions blog and a gauge for measuring effective practice from Daniel Coyne, author of The Talent Code

Are you finding your own voice on your instrument?

“Ask Edna” gives some tips on bio writing

Emmanuel Ax thinks about applause and John Adams gives a graduation address at Julliard

Classical Revolution Pittsburgh coming in June

The latest from MENC on music education policy in Washington

The importance of music education in schools

Kansas governor eliminates arts commission funding and Pennsylvanians need to support the arts NOW

The ascent of the International Contemporary Ensemble

and the descent of the Louisville Orchestra

Read about the current state of orchestras from the League of American Orchestras

Say goodbye to Gil-Scott Heron poet and bluesologist, also here

Please note:  Weekly digests will return the week of July 17.

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