Poetic Interlude

May 24, 2011

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Let Me Tell You Something

What if I lifted both of my arms
up from the sides of my body
dug my elbows into the wall
and catapulted myself forward, feet first
toward you?
Would that lure you from the whirl?

What if you were distracted by a fly near your eye
and you turned to see my body falling on its spine
my body crawling one vertebra at a time
toward you?
Would that disturb your pattern of chatter?

Let me tell you something:

I would like to tear the colors off my skin
and spread their yolk over my face
until I spit rainbows

I would like to turn to the wall,
arch my body
and throw back my head,
until you see the spidery reflections of my lashes on the ceiling,
until they fall like warm sugar into your eyes
and become questions you already know
the answers to

I would like
to love you

~Adam Shames


One Response to “Poetic Interlude”

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