Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: Why Music Matters, Who Makes You Uncomfortable?, What Music Can Learn from Baseball, Trust the Young

May 15, 2011

Watch music students embrace the joy of the creative process

El Sistema arrives in the Bahamas

Tune Up Philly (El Sistema inspired program) receives $300,000!

Spotlight on the San Francisco Youth Orchestra

Here are 10 reasons why teaching the arts is critical in a 21st century world

The White House Panel Calls for more investing in arts education and at the same time the House Introduces Education Reform Legislation That Would Eliminate All Arts in Education Funding

Lisa Canning on the role of the arts in building leadership and economic strength

And find out how much the arts boosts our local economy

Then help out Art Does Good on Kickstarter

Read up on some great news for Pittsburgh:  Lorna McGhee is the new principal flutist of Pittsburgh Symphony and some equally great news for Seattle with Demarre McGill named as the their new principal flutist

Looking for work? International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) is looking for a Development Director

And hear from ICElab composer and percussionist Nathan Davis and chat with Conductor Michael Morgan

Learn what music can learn from baseball:  A Pitch for New Music and what we can learn from students in Greg Sandow’s “Trust the Young

Check out Drew McManus on the Philadelphia Orchestra situation and then a different kind of orchestra:  the Laptop Orchestra of Louisana.

Ask yourself:  How do you bridge the gulf between personal practice and public performance?

And then:  ok for reaching new audiences, but what’s wrong with the current audience?

And do you think classical music is doomed?

Go here to get some ideas how to turn around our creativity crisis and then give yourself a self-direction boost

Check out three fantastic and Savvy Marketing Tips for Artists, figure out your career path and give yourself 10 gifts to be on the road to success

Turn your good ideas into great results

Then ask yourself:  what if the world’s future depended on my decisions?

Is someone making you uncomfortable?  Could be good for you says Seth Godin

Check out how effective criticism can help us and unleash creativity beginning with little bets

Innovation is a process, create a revolution!

And see how boredom can drive innovation

Get some tips on how to effectively communicate and then generate some emotional depth

And finally, learn how muscle memory works and how it affects your success

Video of the Week:

Jack Stamp on Why Music Matters

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