Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: Move it Move it, Your Best Kept Secret, Sparking Creativity

May 7, 2011

Feel the power of play in your music-making and then move it, move it!

Discover the music of movement.

Ask yourself, what’s your best kept secret?

And get singing.

And then sing with Meredith Monk.

Check out some fresh approaches to sparking creativity.

And check in with your attitude.

Read about recording your practice sessions.

Penetrate the hidden job market here

and read how arts grads are doing better in the job market than assumed.

Art and architecture critic Mary Louise Schumacher of Milwaukee explains why we need funding for the arts.

Dan Pink on what you can learn for your business from a 6th grade classroom.

And check out Adaptistration’s new job posts, free for everyone.

David Cutler asks the 5 Questions Every Music School Should Ask (and Answer).

NEC’s President declares that American Orchestras are indeed in a crisis.

Kevin Spacey asks “does arts education matter?”

And Greg Sandow discusses the rising expenses of orchestras and the Washington Post looks at which orchestras are succeeding.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal declares the most cash strapped classical music organizations.

Seth Godin asks what’s so great about being popular?

And also wonders about seeing the truth when it might be invisible.

And also asks, what’s high school for?

The Scientific American proclaims that music produces profound and lasting changes in our brains.

Read 4 ways mobile tech is improving education and how design can affect your health.

Everything you always wanted to know about the New World Symphony’s new digs

And the ever amazing Kronos Quartet snags two coveted prizes.

The Tribeca New Festival gets underway.

Go to the Musicians for Social Change Recital

And read about the Corona Youth Music Project in NYC (El Sistema inspired).


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