Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: Taking Criticism, People’s Music School, Efficient Practice

May 2, 2011

Can’t take criticism? Here are 8 tips on taking it calmly.

Seth Godin on getting the approval of others.

Read how to Get in the Flow.

The latest Ask Edna.

Check out Lisa Canning’s Business Guide for Kids.

David Cutler asks, are you truly an artist?

Dan Pink on the three habits of successful entrepreneurs.

Read a review of Steve Reich’s works at Carnegie Hall and how ICE found a way around a cancelled show.

The down of social-networking.

Some tips on building your art career

and some efficient practice tips.

Know yourself and manage your time better.

Author Dave Eggers says let’s pay teachers more.

Worth every minute–watch the People’s Music School in Chicago in action, giving free instruction to kids.

Musician’s Way asks “are conservatories keeping pace?”

Find your balance with compelling creative arts.

Attend the Andover Educator’s Conference in NJ this June.

Read up on the importance of community bands.


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