Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: Social Butterflies, Heart Tugging and Neuron Tickling

April 26, 2011

Ask yourself:  am I a social butterfly or a caterpillar?

Demystify support and the diaphragm here.

Improve your sightreading.

And wonder if American Orchestras are an Endangered Species.

Read about the Hymn to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Honor a flute icon here.

And excel to excellence here.

Learn about corporate support for the arts

And ponder and share the 10 reasons to support the arts.

Another orchestra struggling:  New Mexico Symphony files for bankruptcy.

But then read about Colorado Symphony’s pay raise.

Enlighten yourself with Sandow on Orchestras.

And get your heart tugged and your neurons tickled here.

See your brain on multi-tasking here.

And learn what role doubt has for you.

Then push yourself to make a change.

Make yourself a new free website (easily) here and enrich your entrepreneur-side with this.

Celebrate jazz as America’s premiere art form

And have fun on Earth Day with composer John Luther Adams.


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