Angela Beeching’s Monday Bytes

April 25, 2011

This one arrived in my email box this morning from Angela Beeching’s Monday Bytes which readers should subscribe to if they haven’t already.  This one offers great questions/prompts on brainstorming about goals, and definitely spoke to me after reading Adam Shames’ recent post on Reinvention.

From Angela Beeching’s Monday Bytes, 4/25/11

We just wrapped up this year’s workshops and advising sessions for the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Project Jumpstart has been a terrific pilot program that I’ve been thrilled to spearhead with a fab student team. This past week one of the workshops was on “Career Decision Making for Real World.” The faculty panelists included oboist Linda Strommen who offered a great worksheet exercise she’s done with a number of her students. It’s a series of writing prompts for brainstorming about your goals, values, and future (thanks, Linda!)

The exercise included these questions to ask yourself:

1. Between now and the end of my life, the things I want to do are:

2. In the next 3-5 years (or 1-3), I want to:

3. If I had just 6 months to live, I would live it this way:

Based on these answers, my top 3-4 priorities are:

For more on this workshop, see the article in the Indiana Daily Student.

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