Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: In the Zone, Drinking Coffee, and the You Tube Orchestra

April 10, 2011

Discover how to play to your strengths and feel self mastery and fulfillment.

Then learn how to get in the zone (sorry Brittany Spears fans)

Learn what breathing has in common with a cup of coffee.

Get inspired about networking, getting your ducks in a row, and going for it.

And then eat the frog.

See Laurie Anderson, John Zorn, Lou Reed and shamisen and koto players in the Concert for Japan.

Watch a TED talk with El Sistema’s Jose Abreu on kids being transformed by music

and the You Tube Symphony Orchestra 2011 Grand Finale

and then actor Kevin Spacey on cutting the arts.

And check out Eric Whitacre’s innovative Virtual Choir here.

P.a.v.e. director reflects on the recent “Creating Infrastructure for Creativity and Innovation” symposium.

Think about the power of words here and bridge the gap in your communication here.

Own the Stage!  Learn strategies for successful performances here.

Get the 10 tips on how to become a fearless performer.

Learn how to talk to your audiences here and create your own music festival.

Read how making mistakes can make you better! And how you can benefit from criticism.

Pennsylvania flutists can go to the Flute Fest of Central PA

and also to this with Jim Walker, Alberto Almarza and Francesca Arnone

Send an email to revolution@americanorchestras.org to request a free trial membership to the League of American Orchestras Employment Site.

Go to http://www.angelabeeching.com/bt/Home.html and sign up for the Monday Bytes, a weekly career-inspired email.

Read how Yoga can help you as a musician.

Overcome back pain with Alexander Technique

and learn how Body Mapping and Alexander Technique will improve your playing.

Read all about the International Whistler’s Convention going on right now in North Carolina

Then read about KidzNotes, an El Sistema program in North Carolina.

Websites of interest

A website for the independent artist


Connect with other classical musicians


2 Responses to “Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: In the Zone, Drinking Coffee, and the You Tube Orchestra”

  1. lindaessig Says:

    Thanks for the pingback to creativeinfrastructure.wordpress.com !

  2. Laura Lentz Says:

    You are very welcome!

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