Weekly Digest of Inspired Writings: State of Music Schools, New Models for Orchestras, Making Music Out of Noise and What’s Your Agenda?

April 4, 2011

Read about the state of music schools in 2011, how music training programs are changing to accommodate the times.

Get inspired by Bobby McFerrin and how he shows the power of the pentatonic scale in audience participation.

The violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter gave the New York premiere of Sofia Gubaidulina’s “In Tempus Praesens” (2007), which was written for her, read the NYT review here.

See how musician’s heartbeats drove an orchestra concert here.

Learn how to be more honest in your practicing.

Read how we can choose to make music out of noise.

And then read how music moves us chemically.

Watch a video about International Contemporary Ensemble’s  ICElab

All about the American Music Center and Meet the Composer merger

And then about the Arts Council England decision to defund 200 UK arts bodies.

Click to read the Musician’s Way April/May 2011 Musician’s Way Newsletter

Seth Godin asks, “what’s your agenda?” here.

Go to a business storytellers festival.

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson for continued inspiration. He’s in Madison, Wisconsin this week.

Flutists consider going to Spain for Wil Offermans’ Contemporary Flute Summer Course.

April is take a friend to the orchestra month!

Support the Syracuse Symphony virtually.

Read what went wrong at the Syracuse Symphony and also here.

And read how the Rochester Philharmonic is stepping in.

Another closure, at the Festival of Orchestras in Florida.

Read the orchestra conundrum here.

And then read a fantastic take on the need (or not?) for a new model for orchestras as well as some interesting discussions here and here.

And read how the YouTube orchestra can offer new ideas.

Read about balancing work and play here.

Is ‘arts entrepreneurship’ training really just career prep? Click here.

Is there a lack of chutzpah in how we think about arts entrepreneurship?

Get some inspirational coaching here.

Be active and support the arts here!

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