The Art-Career Tango

March 25, 2011

Dear Readers,

If you haven’t discovered Gerald Klickstein’s blog and website (companions to his marvelous book, The Musician’s Way) please go right now to sift through his wonderful blog entries on a variety of topics, and also visit his website which has a plethora of resources of interest to all musicians.  His website and blog are both listed on our blogroll.

His latest post, the Art-Career Tango,  is worth mentioning here since readers to the IPAP blog will find it of interest, but also because it is a great post that discusses the not so easy balance between our artistic-side and entrepreneur-side. I think some of it may come from how we are trained — with the focus usually being on the artistic side of ourselves as musicians. We must as musicians train and build our skills to the highest level, but this is not enough. Training programs must consider that more musicians are carving their own ways these days, searching for more meaning and different opportunities as musicians…and with this comes a need for developing our entrepreneur-side as equally as our artistic-side.

I love the tango reference!

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