Warrior Performer, Part 2 : Becoming Xena-like

March 2, 2011

The post Warrior Performer from February received a lot of reading, and I believe it’s because we all want to be Xena-ish and our doubts and fears can sometimes get in the way of us bringing out the warrior within!  Don’t be scared…

Here is a list of qualities aimed at bringing out the warrior in YOU:

1) Take risks and build courage.  As Robert Anthony says, “The biggest risk in life is not risking.” The feeling of GO FOR IT, being courageous, not giving a D*** what others think.  Eddie Rickenbacker said, “Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do.  There can be no courage unless you’re scared.”   We need to commit that we’re going for whatever it is we’re going for, NO MATTER WHAT.  (quotes from Performance Success by Don Greene, an incredible resource as mentioned in previous post).

2) Overcome your fears. Do some years of therapy or try something that freaks you out (it doesn’t have to be music related, but it could be).  Play that Schubert (do you see my concerns with Schubert in these postings?) or go bungy-jumping if that’s your thing and will alleviate some fears you have.  The thing that helped me not necessarily to overcome fears but to learn how to face fears or deal with them was living in Rome, Italy for eight years (go to my blog at www.lauralentz.blogspot.com for all the adventures!).  That experience made me realize that nothing, not even fears, could stand in my way any longer.

3) Change your mindset. Read books like Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck, PHD. I absolutely love this book.  She explains the difference between the fixed mindset and growth mindset and how one finds failure and the other success (hint:  the good one is the growth mindset).   There are great true stories about famous folks in sports, medicine, etc. who found success through hard work and effort.  Read a fantastic post about the ideas discussed in Dr. Dweck’s book at http://musiciansway.com/blog/?p=3125.

4) Focusing, centering and finding that mental quiet. Again, Don Greene speaks brilliantly about these.  But any study of yoga, tai-chi, or some regular sitting/meditation can get you thinking about this too.  Having children can be the greatest test of being able to focus amongst the chaos also!

5) Doing good by others. The more I give and do good by others the stronger I feel and am able to direct this back into the things that are important to me.  I guess some would call this having good karma.  I think it is essential in being able to tap into that warrior within us.

6) Build a great support network. Without the support of my mentors, friends, family, and growing network of colleagues, I wouldn’t have half the strength that I’m lucky to have thanks to a lot of fantabulous people.  Count your lucky stars for the people in your life–they support you!

Laura Lentz ©2011

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